Finally life feels like it's a little more normal as we start to see the return of things opening up.
Galleries and exhibitions are starting to open up .
So I find I have a new energy to get painting and creating.
A few shows I have pencilled in with excited anticipation.

2021 Exhibitions


This year has been a mixture of emotions as we all slowly start getting on with life .
I managed to attend 3 exhibitions.
One at Bury St Edmunds cathedral which was beautifully presented and run by the Bury St Edmunds Art Society. I enjoyed talking to the public as they wandered around looking at the the large mixture of different styles and mediums.
Summer brought the chance to display at the exhibition in Tostock Church again, that exhibition has been going for over 40yrs.
I was very pleased to have been invited to exhibit at Gazeley Church and what a great turn out of people all enjoying different art from ceramics too paintings.
Looking forward to next years exhibitions .

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